Breckenridge, Colorado

Finally we are on the mountains, and it is like being at home. From Denver the road rises strongly, climbing on a red soil… suddenly the landscape colors of a green unknown by our mountains in the Alps: the meadows and the trees appear almost silvery colored. Soon we have overcome the 3000 meters of altitude and we could even see some snow. Here the valleys are so large that the mountains peaks (up to 4000 meters), seem just hills. Our trip ended in Breckenridge, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains: our accommodation is a picturesque hostel, owned by a nice and funny couple from England and their dog Gaspode (Fireside Inn). Here we have come in contact with one more face of America: we could define it the “other America”, but we prefer to think about it as another piece of a complex puzzle… this is the America which loves and respects its land and environment, the America of the endless natural parks and the free public transportation, powered by renewable energy (bio-diesel and hybrid electric). It is the America which tries to find out and remember the road traced by the native peoples, so much neglected in the past.

The days are so amazing here: we are exploring the beautiful woods both by walking and cycling, the sun is always shining, even if there are frequent and short thundershowers. Today is our first month of nomadic travel, it could not begin better!

Lake on the Reservoir trail(Rocky Mountains, Colorado)