Catarata de Gocta

This is the third highest waterfall in the world, second only to the Salto Angel in Venezuela (972 metres) and the Tugela Falls (South Africa, 948 meters). Considering the two falls it’s 779 meters high, really spectacular… We got there along a hard trekking through what remains (unfortunately not so much) of the Peruvian mountainous rain forest.

Catarata de Gocta, highest waterfall of the world Peru South America

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  1. Right,
    I’ll try to be synthetic for the moment, I’ll be writing you an email with more detailed infos in the next days. Yes, we are travelling above all by bus, but here in South America you never know! In the last days we travelled by every sort of transport, from horse to camion and by walking… That’s what makes Latin America one of the most coloured places of the world, considering the unpredictable behaviour of its people too. For security tips, I think anyone needs to learn from its own experience, avoiding risks is always the best strategy, but there are so many here… You’ll need a lot of concentration and remember: NO ONE is going to help you after you had a problem!!! Colombia is a great country, unfortunately with many different security problems (from robbery to kidnapping), but all these sad things don’t touch the most part of travellers, if taking the necessary precautions and the experience you will be gaining in your own country, will be useful in the rest of Latinoamerica… So, take care and enjoy your travel!

  2. Hey! what’s up! It’s nice to know that you had a positive experience travelling through our country. Unfortunately, we are only known for the bad things that occur in here. I am very glad of this blog since, I must tell you, that I am the son of the architect who is building the crazy ceramic house in Villa de Leyva. That’s how we got to your blog. Incredible how tiny is the world, right?

    Maybe our questions could help somebody.
    We would like to know how are you travelling, is it by bus?? how does that work?? maybe you could help us with some security tips, how should we carry our money, for example. Incredible that a Colombian is asking for security, no? jajaja
    Anyway, like you have been travelling for a long time, it would be very useful if you could help us with some basic things that you would think they would help us.

    Muy agradecido loco.

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