Indigenous communities of Chiapas

First part. During the period spent in Ocosingo, we have been observers of a hard but intense life. Day after day, people became more and more friendly and the last evening we knew a family coming from a pueblo on the road to San Cristobal, all together with the father who sold candies in the public square. The mother, a very young woman, was so proud of her five sons and she had all the reasons as they were beautiful, curious and friendly. We passed all the evening playing with them… we think that the concept of poverty cannot be defined in absolute terms: happiness is to be astonished and smile for the simplest things and those three children transmitted us this feeling. Every community, every people should be able to satisfy its elementary needs (food, water, health and peace) following the road traced from its own history and culture. Freedom is not for anyone!

The story that follows comes from our experience in the Lacandon Forest (“Selva Lacandona”), to tightened contact with some indigenous communities of Chiapas: a few days that however allowed us to graze an authentic, unforgettable and sometimes extremely contradictory situation.

Pueblo chiapaneco Village from Chiapas Lacandon jungle Mexico Indigenous communities Latin America

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