Towards the Lacandon Jungle

Second part. It’s early in the morning, but the emotion keep us wide awake: we put all our dreams on the “camioneta” that will take us to San Quintin, ready to share them with the other people who undertake the travel towards the Lacandon jungle with us. Left Ocosingo, the road sweetly follows the valleys covered by pines and corn fields… we go down slowly, the air gets more humid and the forest becomes more and more green. The unpaved and muddy road pushes us through small villages, from the wooden huts appear the looks astonished but curious of the children. Exceeded the caracol zapatista of Francisco Gomez, the pines leave space to the jungle and begins to rain. Late in the evening we finally reach Saint Quintin, where the road finishes: the feeling is to find a confused and disordered community. Therefore, we decide to walk until ejido Emiliano Zapata, where the “Secretario de turismo”, Adolfo receives us. We are lodged in a splendid cabaña close to the river, surrounded by the jungle and the howls of its animals. After a short swim in the river, we eat with other three boys in the house of señor Manuèl, his wife prepares us a delicious “pollo en mole”, cooked on firewood. We are very tired and in the dark of the jungle we fall aslept without offering resistance.

Lacandon jungle Chiapas villages indigenous communities zapatist Emiliano Zapata Mexico

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