Lefkada and Porto Katsiki

From Patras and after passing the majestic Rion Antirion bridge, we salute the Peloponnese and return to mainland Greece. The landscape changes, the green increases and in the smile of the people we begin to glimpse a memory of the Balkans.
The island of Lefkada remains connected to the mainland by a strip of brackish land, where the road also runs. It is initially easy, but heading south, the situation is constantly getting worse. Once in Vassiliki we take to climb on a long limestone coast, up to the slope towards the west coast of Lefkada. Here the road becomes an increasingly faint track that grows with difficulty between dense forests of maritime pines and tiny villages. The landscape becomes increasingly wild and finally we see the spectacle of Porto Katsiki, a strip of beach surmounted by an impressive limestone cliff and lapped by an electric blue sea. We remain breathless.

Travel tip: reach the beach of Porto Katsiki in the evening of a long summer day, take a bath in the blue sea and remain suspended in the silence and darkness of the night.

Lefkada and Porto Katsiki, Grecia

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