Epidaurus and the ancient Greek theater

From Delphi we move in the busy direction of Athens but we take the painful decision not to stop, preferring to point directly towards the Peloponnese, which we reach suddenly when we pass over the spectacular Corinth canal. We also cover the historical stages that have filled our studies with notions, places like Salamina, Corinth, Thebes. From here the road proceeds tortuously along the eastern coast of the Peloponnese, until you reach New Epidaurus. Here a quiet town awaits us, good food, lots of new friends and a placid and mild sea.

Not far away, inland, the archaeological site of the ancient Epidaurus appears suddenly and unexpectedly, with its immense and spectacular semicircular theater, with exceptional acoustics, to be considered a worthy symbol of the Greek theater as it has come to us directly from the antiquities.

Travel tip: relax in the quiet bay of New Epidaurus, in the Camping Nicolas, literally one step away from the beach and the seashore.

Epidaurus and the ancient Greek theater, Greece

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