Nashville, Tennesse

Yesterday it was the summer solstice, a day which seemed to us so long because the time zone changed and the weather was very, very hot. We have just moved to Tennessee. After a long night travel by bus, we arrived in Nashville, the city known as the worldwide capital of country music… we noticed that music is becoming more and more important in our travel along the United States, from when we were so lucky to see a bluegrass concert in Virginia (guitar, banjos and violins accompany words on beautifulness and hardness of rural life). Tennessee is the place where different music styles meet and blend themselves, due to its geographical position. Here, the music which made and still make the story of the last century, developed… from the fusion between country and the lazy rhythms of the South (jazz and blues), emerged the miracle of rock n’ roll, whose capital is considered Memphis, the city where Elvis Presley lived.

In Nashville we found a lot of bars and restaurants, where you can eat and drink a beer, while listening to country music. But it does not seem to offer much more to visitors. Being on the west side of the Appalachian mountains, now we feel all the greatness of the central prairies and, even if the extremely hot temperatures remember us we are travelling towards the desert, we are surprised to see around us a luxuriant nature and endless woods.


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