Memphis, Tennessee

A short travel along the Interstate 40, the highway which connects the West and the East coast of United States (going from Washington DC to Los Angeles), took us to the extreme western border of Tennessee. Here we are in the city of Memphis, along the sinuous curves of the Mississippi river. Coming to its riversides, makes us feel to get to the end of a long travel, which ideally links all the great rivers of the world (Rio of the Amazons, Nile, Gange): along these rivers endless stories of prosperity and tragedies have been strongly connected themselves and renewed by the stream of the time. The Mississippi river, with its sensual slowness, lingers on a past of frontier and prosecutions against indigenous peoples and black slaves. It represents the pulsing artery of what America is today, for better or for worse…

Memphis is an amazing city: walking along Beale Street, where everything began, you find yourself into an enormous juke box, which plays the major successes of rock & roll and blues, obviously at peak volume. Memphis, house of the blues and birthplace of Rock N’ Roll.

Mississippi by night

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