Denver, Colorado

This time our nomadic travel followed a long and quick trajectory in the heart of the United States. In fact, we left the hot South and we traveled through the amazing and wild forests of Arkansas, following the riverside of the Mississippi, by the usual and colorful bus. After a short brake in the city of St. Louis, placed where the Mississippi and Missouri rivers meet themselves, our travel took the direction towards the West, through endless hills and cultivations of corn and grain, broken off by woods and small villages… finally we discovered the beautifulness of the prairies: on the border between Kansas and Colorado, the road begins to rise gently, until it comes to the valley where Denver is situated, under the Rocky Mountains. These are the places of the “on the road” travels of Jack Kerouac and many other nomads before and after him… the places where the buffaloes were freely grazing, where the proud tribes of the native peoples, Anasazi, Ute and Comanche established their territories and where the pioneers came from the East looking for gold. These are the places of the wild West and the Route 66.

Denver seems to us a young and dynamic city, modern but in a different way in comparison to other cities we visited before: it appears a community where the social affairs are at least as important as business activities. Maybe we are wrong, but we believe it is a true feeling…

Rocky Mountains Breckenridge Aspen Denver Colorado United States

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