Troutville, Virginia

Today we had a very relaxing time, walking through some miles of the fabulous and wild Appalachian trail. One of the most important and entertaining trips you can do here seems to be along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a road taking you outside the world and through an exuberant nature, beautiful forests and impressive wildlife.

Appalachian trail 2

Lexington, Virginia

While traveling, you should be prepared to anything… even facts that can alter the way of perceiving reality. During the last two days, our travel underwent some jolts: the early plan of moving from Washington to Chicago, has been replaced by the more adventurous decision to follow the road towards Denver, in Colorado, with another guy known at the hostel. Well, after two days we are in the countryside, in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. It’s hard to tell you how we got here, but we found a beautiful place, where America shows its original face, its wild nature, its “on the road” spirit. That’s the warm and humid region around Lexington, in Virginia. Now our trip follows the lazy and slow rhythms of the South.

In this small city we found very nice people, ready to give us their help and friendship. Thanks to Chris and Patty, indeed. If a day you will be travelling in the nearby, do not forget to make a stop at Sweet Things (106W Washington St, Lexington), their delicious ice cream is waiting for you!

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