Tungurahua, bloqueos and Ingapirca

Going through a dirty road from the Amazonian river basin, we return on the Andean Altiplano; and the emotions quickly involve us. We assist from far away to the explosive eruption of the Tungurahua, just a few weeks after our staying in Baños (at the slopes of the volcano). We participate to the bloqueo of the Panamericana in true Latin American style and for some hours we integrate with the people of a very small village and its problems. After a short staying in Riobamba, defined “Sultan de los Andes”, we head to Cañar. From there, an old bus takes us near the Inca ruins of Ingapirca. Beyond the historical interest, we discover a charming place, inhabited by simple and nice people, where finally we can caress some llamas, the famous Andean camelids, that rest near the archaeological site.

Ingapirca archaeological site Inca trail Ecuador

Baños hot springs

Baños is a small city which rises in a flat piece of land, where the Andean valleys begin their tortuous descent towards the Amazon basin… we get there leaving the Pan-American highway near Ambato, city center of one of the most colored carnivals of Latin America (“fiestas de las flores y las frutas”). In the subtropical climate of Baños meet all the forces of nature: the Tungurahua volcano that dominate the village and it’s currently in eruption, frequent earthquakes, some impressive cascades and the clouds that incessantly thickens on the flanks of the mountains. In reason, the inhabitants of Baños talk with emphasis about the last eruption of the Tungurahua (August 2006), when part of the pueblo was destroyed. However, several Ecuadorian tourists come here, attracted by the hot springs of warm and sulfurous water; we also find a pleasant place, where we have a good time before the breathtaking descent towards the Amazon river basin.

Baños hot springs Andes Ecuador trekking Tungurahua volcan