How to solve USB connection issues between computer and Rumba Taurino board


USB connection is an important feature to ensure the rumba taurino board remains operative. Unfortunately, problems can frequently arise. This procedure aims to explain how to solve USB connection issues between computer and Rumba Taurino board.


Rumba taurino board, USB cable, Two-pins bridge.


  1. Switch on the computer (defined PC below). 3D printer or similar (defined device below) must be off.
  2. Under PC Device Manager (link: Start> Run> Driver) check if there are RUMBA TAURINO BOARD devices installed but not recognized (unknown). If there are unknown devices, remove them.
  3. With device off, identify the two pins highlighted in red (see Images sections). Short the two pins to switch to DFU mode (Device Firmware Update). More details on DFU mode can be found at the link provided under credits (link 3).
  4. Connect the USB cable to the PC and then to the device.
  5. Switch on the device.
  6. Wait for 10 seconds and then remove the short on the two pins (avoid making short-circuit with other pins). The LED of the serial communication (TX and RX) start blinking.
  7. PC detects new hardware and tries to install the driver. This automatic task should give a system error and fail to install any driver.
  8. Download the DFU programmer and the drivers for the USB connection of the Rumba Taurino board that can be found at the link provided under credits (link 1). Save it on PC and unzip it. This is the path of the driver and DFU programmer required in step 9 and 10.
  9. Open the tool for manual installation of drivers (link: Start> Run> hdwwiz). Select the option install from list, select show all devices, disk driver and insert the path where the drivers for the USB connection of the Rumba Taurino board are saved on the PC. From the list select ATmega16U2 to install the driver for the USB connection of the Rumba Taurino board.
  10. Run the DFU programmer to flash the USB port. If a message on memory error check appears, click a keyboard button to flash the port.
  11. If needed and if not already available on the PC, install the driver for Rumba Taurino board (not the USB driver installed in step 9!), that can be downloaded at the link provided under credits (link 2).
  12. Switch off the device and switch on again to verify that it is now recognized by the PC and a USB port is assigned. Under devices the Rumba Taurino board icon appears.


Rumba Taurino two pins to short
Rumba Taurino two pins to short


See Credits.


See Credits.


  1. Rumba Taurino Board PC USB connection (github)
  2. RUMBA_TAURINO_DriverSetup (reprap)
  3. DFU Mode (arduino)


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