The shadow that follows a child

We have not yet completely understood the actual condition of the native people, or “American Indian” as we usually call them. In the region we are traveling, the tribes of the Navajo (The delight song of tsoai-talee, N. Momaday), Apache, Ute and many other small groups were leading a nomadic life. Crossing their territories, we understand from where comes their deep respect for nature and all beings: those are semi-desertic lands with a continuous scarcity of resources and full of risks, where only the strongest horses (the splendid Mustangs) can survive. We understand why they were nomadic peoples, continuously moving and why their music is so melancholy and full of echoes from the past. It hurts us to see that they are almost obliged to exchange their amazing culture with small amounts of money, in order to go on. On the contrary, it is fascinating what we are learning in New Mexico, where the ancient pueblos ( are helped in the attempt to keep alive their culture and traditions.

We love thinking about us as beings coming from the underworld, the Mother Earth, to begin an endless travel through the South, in peace with nature and ourselves… a nomadic travel which we are following too, someway.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

During the travel through Albuquerque, we discovered a landscape characterized by arid bushes, red clay and rough canyons: we are in the torrid New Mexico, where the Anglo-Saxon spirit meets the Latin soul… where many dreams begin and many other are inevitably disappointed.

Walking in the city suburbs, we feel like embedded by a warm and quiet atmosphere. The adobe flat homes become colored of rainbow. Maybe a Mexican heart begins to beat in our chest, drawing us insistently… or maybe it is just a mirage of sand and sun.

Patio escondido Albuquerque New Mexico USA