Journey in the Peloponnese, from Monemvasia to Glifa

From Elafonisos and Monemvasia, the road climbs towards the fingers of the Peloponnese without stopping, curve after curve. Suddenly the splendid Sparta valley appears, green and luxuriant despite the summer heat. Here there is no trace of the times that were, when the Spartans dominated the ancient world, but still transpires a bucolic atmosphere sanctified by pastures and endless flocks of sheep.
After several hours we arrive at Pyrgos, where there is a sudden heat, the dust and the fear of some children who wash the windows at the many traffic lights that block the vehicles along the main road. A certain relief
it captures us when we see the sea again and we follow the dirt road that leads us to the campsite in Glifa.

Travel tip: wait for the sea to flow on the island of Zakynthos, sitting on the little beach of the Camping Ionion Beach

Journey in the Peloponnese, from Monemvasia to Glifa, Greece

Elafonisos, the beach and the hidden paradise

A day of bends and wild roads, a short ferry ride and finally we land on the almost Elafonisos peninsula. To welcome us an unexpected spectacle: a sheet of fine and soft white sand that slopes gently towards a placid and crystalline sea. Diving here is an unforgettable experience at 360 degrees: the water is so clean and transparent that you can observe the seabed for tens of meters, looking for fish and turtles caretta caretta that here still lay their eggs.

Travel tip: enjoy a sunset bath on the island of Elafonisos, out of season, in the silence of the wonderful Simos twin beach, between white dunes and turquoise sea, a stone’s throw from the homonymous Camping Simos

Elafonisos, the beach and the hidden paradise, Greece