Another adventure in Durango

From the beaches of Mazatlan, our travel went on through the interior region of Mexico, along a very exciting trip. After passing luxuriant tropical forests, the road began to rise, following the heavy valleys of the Sierra Madre. Suddenly we came to an almost alpine landscape. A splendid picture of Mexican life, finally outside the city borders: children playing with animals in the yard and young woman washing clothes or selling delicious hand-made tamales.

We are now on the Central Altiplano and it seems a place completely different from the north-western Mexico. Durango, situated at 2000 metres of altitude, is a cool and pleasant city to be visited walking along its streets in the historic centre, around Plaza de Armas.

Preparation of tamales Mexican women Durango Mexico Sierra Madre Latin America

The last day in Durango?

We were already planning to leave Durango, when the luck helped us: we lost the bus to our next destination, so we were obliged to stay here one more day… It has been an amazing day, warmed by a shining sun and full of sport activities. To begin, a strong but unforgettable bike trip on the Trails 2000. It is to be noticed the aggressive spirit of Cicci! Well, we admit that we lost the way at least twice. Not satisfied, after lunching with rice and beans, we went to the swimming pool for some hours. Tomorrow we will try to loose our bus another time, destination New Mexico…

The hard life! Cicci by mountain bike Durango Colorado

Adventure in Durango

Yesterday we traveled along an amazing road, which led us to Durango, at the extreme south-western corner of Colorado… after crossing the Rocky Mountains, we came to Grand Junction by night. The following day we discovered a nice and unexpected landscape, a semi-desertic valley surrounded by red soil mountains and interrupted by sudden canyons. We were thinking of coming to the desert yet, when we found us in the middle of green meadows and woods. The road began to rise, climbing through amazing canyons covered by conifers: we crossed small towns of gold miners and we reached the snowed peaks. Finally a long descent took us to Durango, where our travel knows a break, for the moment…

Anasazi trail in Durango Colorado