From the jungle and Zapatist communities

Last part. Early in the morning the micro leaves from San Quintin to Las Margaritas. An even harder trail in comparison with the one from Ocosingo. After some hours of travel we reach the “caracol” La Realidad: as our driver knows anyone and stops for a pause, we talk with some people, trying to understand if we can stay in the community. Unfortunately we are not so lucky and the “autoridades” cannot receive us, therefore we decide to continue. In the following days, we know a woman who works in the communities (volunteering here is generally well accepted) and she confirms to us that with strangers, people react in unforeseeable ways: if you are not accepted, the refusal is inexorable. After nearly ten hours of travel we reach Las Margaritas, a small city where we stop for the night: once more we find ourselves in a world of concrete houses, paved roads and cars… something sadly familiar.

An unforgettable experience in the heart of the Latin American life is concluded, we are tired but excited. We think about the fortune of being allowed to know the indigenous communities of Lacandon jungle in this way. Maybe the works of road pavement will carry some light changes in the life of people who inhabit these places, but surely they will ruin the authentic atmosphere we have breathed… how much instable is the equilibrium between progress and maintenance of the popular traditions?

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