San Andres Itzapa

While we work in Maya Pedal, the experiences of workshop and construction of the bicimaquinas (bicycle machines) are deeply interlaced with the mysticism in which the stories of the people we are knowing are wrapped. In the Mayan culture legends, spirits and witchcraft are something so visceral, that we perceive their presence too. It’s fascinating to have the concrete opportunity to enter in tight contact with this far and echoing world. Having dinner with the people of San Andres or just talking ten minutes with any old “señora”, means to dive yourself in the calm waters of simplicity, means to believe in fables again, means to perceive the true color of things. San Andres is a wonderfully pleasant village: when we meet the group of women “mujeres en accion” (women in action), they show us with enthusiasm how they are dedicated to the production of traditional “huipiles” and different textiles, beyond that to the handicraft production of shampoo with sábila (aloe vera). In the barrio where they live, in spite of the intense works of reconstruction, they are still very clear the signs of the destruction left by the hurricane Stan, one year ago.

The day of “Todos Los Santos” is a special recurrence in Guatemala: people of every village go to the cemetery in order to eat in company of the disappeared relatives. Although this tradition can seem very particular, it’s really a day of great joy and feast. The 1 of November is also the day in which, raising the eyes to the sky, you can see hundreds of kites (“feria del barrilete”) flying for hours, skillfully directed by both children and adults.

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5 thoughts on “San Andres Itzapa”

  1. Sarah, thanks for sharing your experience with us… San Andres Itzapa is a really quite and beautiful place, where we met a lot of unforgettable friends. That’s a picture of what Guatemala has represented for us and for many travellers we found there

  2. I volunteered at Maya Pedal and live in Itzapa. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The people of San Andres Itzapa are some of the most kind people I have come across in all my travels. I feel blessed having found Maya Pedal, they are doing wonderful things for rural Guatemalans and doing in a sustainable way.

  3. We travelled all along the American Continent, but those places remain in our memories as special, because we met beautiful people there and we found the perfect environment to stop some weeks, volunteering and rest. Just wonderful!

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