Volos, Koropi and the Pilio peninsula

We leave several friends at Meteora, but the trip will make us meet again. A last look at the beautiful stone mushrooms that overlook us and we leave for the sea, near Volos. We cross fields of wheat burned by the sun at the end of spring and we see countless huts of farmers and farmers on the hills. Finally we see the Gulf of Volos with its port and its white mantle of houses surrounding it. Quiet atmosphere. Think of the experience of TEM, the virtual alternative unit that was born as a Greek experiment to implement a system of exchange of knowledge and work similar to the time bank. The slopes of the Pilio were the refuge of the centaur and now defend themselves from the masses of tourists hiding small jewels like the beach of Mylopótamos or small villages like Koropi, where we stop one night to enjoy the slow and relaxed rhythms of the Greek villages.

Travel tip: Eat by the taverna and enjoy Greek salads, moussaka, pastrami cakes and many other typical Greek dishes

Volos, Koropi and the Pilio peninsula, Greece

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