João Pessoa and micaroa, the carnival out of era

Micaroa, the carnival out of era in João Pessoa, a fun dive into an unknown dimension, sensual, forbidden, a game of madness, one pawing of restless souls. An infusion of music by electrifying colors, chiclete com banana and ivete sangalo, Caribbean, Latin American, Brazilian, black, white, red, yellow and green, African, Amazonian; continuous visions of savory dishes, peppery, spicy. The transgression of wild dances, slender bodies, liters and liters of whipped cream and smiles, a Bacchae carousel.
Friends, many friends, jokes and laughter, a cart to transport sangria, caipirinhas and cachaça, fancy dresses organized in haste, jesus, macarena and many more… it is the morning of the third day and the memories are gathering confused, modern knight citizens roam the deserted streets, the festival gives into silence, and the party is now over.

João Pessoa and micaroa brazil

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