Biomedical engineering notes – Biosensors and microtechnologies

Sensors and their characteristics. Integrated and intelligent sensors. Special requirements for biomedical applications. Technologies for the construction of biosensors. Semiconductors. Realization of CMOS structures. Ceramic Technologies in Thick Film and Thin Film. Biosensors. Problems and new applications. Commercial devices and biomedical applications. The biological component. Transducers. Characteristics of biosensors. Biosensor applications. Biocompatibility of biosensors. MOSFET technology. ISFET. REFET. ENFET. IMFET. Models of CHEMFET. Sensors for DNA. Optical technologies. Micro-spectrometers. LAPS. Cells and biosensors. Models of BIOFET. Neurobioengineering. Neural biosensors. Neuron model. MEA. Recording simulation in microarray. Environmental, implantable and wearable sensors. MEMS. Manufacturing processes. MEMS for chemical analysis. Micropumps. Contributions of microtechnology and microfabrication. Photo MEA. The biosensor market. Economic aspects. Future perspectives.


Biomedical engineering notes

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