Biomedical engineering notes – Bioengineering of neurosensory systems

General structure of neurosensory systems. Short introduction to the functional anatomy of the nervous system. Comparison of functional evaluation methods. Introduction to psychophysics. The auditory system. Sound and speech. The external and medial ear. Cochlea, basilar membrane, and ciliate cells. The spiral ganglion. Brain stem nuclei and auditory cortex. Auditory psychophysics and audiology. External and cochlear prostheses. The visual and oculomotor system. Photoreceptors. Extraction of contrast and movement characteristics in the retina. Lateral geniculate body. Structure of the primary and secondary visual cortex and visual feature extraction. Integration areas. Visual psychophysics. Chromatic theories. Visual illusions. Tridimensional and movement perception. Diagnostic and therapeutic methods in ophthalmology. Aids, substitutive prostheses and retinal implants. Somatosensory system: brief remarks on general structure and psychophysics. Taste and smell (brief remarks).


Biomedical engineering notes

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